Monday, August 30, 2010

And They're Off!!

The 32nd academic year at Faith Lutheran is off to a great start. Despite the shaky local economy, we have about the same number of students that we began with last year. I am humbled by the sacrifices families make to provide their children with a quality, Christian education.
Our administrators have done an excellent job of setting the right tone for the new school year. Helping students understand that discipline is in place because we love kids, not just to uncover more "gotcha" moments. Students should anticipate stricter adherence to rules about dress code, hallway traffic and gum chewing.
I am excited about our ever expanding use of technology. Several classrooms have been outfitted with interactive whiteboards. Now more than half of our high school students have a personal Macbook to use. Several teachers got the year off early with two intensive days of training in using technology to improve student learning. Many parents will begin to see changes in the kinds of homework and projects students are asked to do.
Of course the new school year means students have a new set of teachers to contend with. The first school day was not complete when we got our first request to change teachers. We start the year with as good a group of teachers we have ever had at Faith. If your first impression has not been good, please give it some time. On Thursday, September 2 beginning at 6:15 you have the opportunity to meet your students' teacher face-to-face at Back-to-School Night. Come early for the best parking spots.
Kudos to Facilities Manager Gary Daning and his crew. The campus, as always, looks spectacular. Fencing is now complete. New carpeting graces several hallways. More grass and the gaga pit have been added to the west side of the classroom/admin building. Signs marking visitor parking are easy to see. Coming soon will be campus directories about the facility.
At opening chapel I told our students I wanted this to be the best year of high school in the history of high schools. If parents, students, teachers and staff work together, that lofty goal is certainly within reach.

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